Institution Catholic University of Leuven (KULeuven)
Department Laboratory of Aquatic Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Address Charles de BĂ©riotstraat 32, 3000 Leuven, Belgium
Telephone +32/16/32.37.08
Fax +32/16/32.45.75
E-mail Luc.DeMeester@bio.kuleuven.be
Website http://bio.kuleuven.be
Expertise The research group of Luc De Meester has strong expertise in two main fields: aquatic ecology and evolutionary biology. Within the field of aquatic ecology, our research focuses on the structure and functioning of freshwater systems (mainly shallow lakes and ponds, including temporary pools), on community ecology and ecological biogeography, on nature conservation and on biodiversity studies. The research group of Luc De Meester coordinated EU project BIOMAN (EVK2-CT-1999-00046) on biodiversity and human impact in shallow lakes in Europe, in which system-wide diversity was studied in 96 lakes along a NS gradient across Europe. Through EU project BIOMAN, Belspo project MANSCAPE and EU-IP project ALARM, the research group has obtained very strong expertise with field work on biodiversity, community structure and ecosystem functioning in shallow lakes, ponds and pools. The research group has also gained much expertise with outdoor cattle tank experiments, which will be further developed through the recently started ESF project BIOPOOL. The BIOPOOL project, through its focus on an experimental approach involving cattle tank experiments, provides unique opportunities for complementarity to the research presented in the current project application.
Selection of 5 recent publications
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