Name Henry-Michel CAUCHIE
Institution CRP – Gabriel Lippmann (LI-PPM)
Address Rue du Brill 41, 4422 Belvaux, Luxembourg
Telephone +35/2/
Expertise The R&D strategy of the Department ‘Environment and agro-biotechnologies’ (EVA) focuses on a sound equilibrium between both fundamental, and multi-disciplinary and applied research, and their mutual interaction. The Department is structured in 4 research units focussing on 1) plant biotechnologies, molecular biology and proteomics, 2) aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, 3) hydro-climatology and land use management, and 4) nutrition, food safety and environmental toxicology. EVA has a large international reputation and has thus for example participated in 4 projects of the European 5th Framework Program. The around 60 people large staff has experience in proteomics, plant physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology, ecology, taxonomy, microbiology, hydrology, meteorology and climatology, geochemistry, geographic information systems (GIS), air pollution. Besides the four research units, the Department is managing two technological platforms, one on proteomics and a second one on analytical chemistry. The Department participates in this project through its long standing experience in bioindication of water quality in running waters. It has especially experience in Cyanobacteria, diatoms, macrophytes, and macroinvertebrates. In this domain it has been involved in the EC-funded PAEQANN project, which aimed at predicting aquatic ecosystem quality through prediction of biological communities from environmental conditions. Since then, its scientists are involved in several working groups to implement the Water Framework Directive at the European level. Furthermore, the Department is working for the national Water administration in order to set up the reference conditions and monitoring network
Selection of 5 recent publications
  1. Rimet F., L. Ector, H.M. Cauchie and L. Hoffmann. 2009. Changes in diatom-dominated biofilms during simulated improvements in water quality: implications for diatom-based monitoring in rivers. European Journal of Phycology 44: 567-577.
  2. Skraber S., L. Ogorzaly, K. Helmi, A. Maul, L. Hoffmann, H.M. Cauchie and C. Gantzer. 2009. Occurrence and persistence of enteroviruses, noroviruses and F-specific RNA phages in natural wastewater biofilms. Water Research 43: 4780-4789.
  3. Skraber S., C. Gantzer, K. Helmi, L. Hoffmann and H.M. Cauchie. 2009. Simultaneous concentration of enteric viruses and protozoan parasites: a protocol based on tangential flow filtration and adapted to large volumes of surface and drinking waters. Food and Environmental Virology1: 66-76
  4. Bertrand I., M. Maux, K. Helmi, L. Hoffmann, J. Schwartzbrod and H.M. Cauchie. 2009. Quantification of Giardia transcripts during in vitro excystation: Interest for the estimation of cyst viability, Water Research 43: 2728-2738.
  5. Colombet J., M. Charpin, A. Robin, C. Portelli, C. Amblard, H.M. Cauchie and T. Sime-Ngando. 2009. Seasonal Depth-Related Gradients in Virioplankton: Standing Stock and Relationships with Microbial Communities in Lake Pavin (France). Microbial Ecology 58: 728-736.